Career Coaching

You can speak English reasonably well but have difficulties with the accents of your customers or with the speed they explain their issues. It's frustrating at times and it prevents you from getting promoted even though you are capable enough.

What you need is an observing coach to assess which skill you need help with, followed by conversational training based on realistic business scenarios.

My work experience in sales, projects and management is yours in one-on-one coaching by Skype or LINE.


  1. I have studied the challenges adults face with English as a second Language and have obtained a teaching certificate

  2. I will start with an assessment where you are with your listening and speaking level, and start from there to improve you to the level you need for your work.

  3. We will discuss the business scenarios you encounter for me to prepare the suitable materials to help you improve yourself and your business results.

Success story:

I could help a Japanese account manager get the promotion she wanted wihin 3 months !

  • We had weekly skype lessons where we talked about her difficulties at work with overseas accounts.

  • We chose to use skype as we could plan lessons on short notice and reschedule them under unforeseen circustances.

Since I have lots of international work experience, she appreciated my advice and suggestions based on real life examples. We were both amazed with the speed of progress she made !

Looking forward hearing from you to discuss how I could be of help as your personal coach to improve your Business English, and increase your chances for a promotion.