DX Core Team training

Your company probably has a training program for young leaders, which is most probably separate from the English proficiency improvement program.

The expectations from aspiring managers is to combine the two, get exposed to business discussions based on real life examples, while improving their English proficiency.

Based on these needs, our program has the following objectives:

  • Provide the participants a good understanding how companies operate, transform and improve from various perspectives.

  • Have active discussions and role-play based on real-life case studies and business examples.

  • Use English language as the medium to communicate, not as the main training objective.

The program is normally part of the DX journey and can be delivered virtually and/or on premise.

DX Training Program

Foundation: (2-4 days)

  1. Organisational Structure and Design + case-studies

  2. (Optional) Compliance, CSR, Quality and Ethics

  3. (Optional) Multinational Company operations

  4. Supply chain, Projects & Vendor Ecosystem + case-studies
    4.1 (Optional) Equipment Lifecycle

The foundation modules provide an introduction to the covered topic and the impact DX has on it. Each module refers to previously covered topics, thus gradually expanding the depth of understanding how to plan and execute a DX project.

Transformation: (3 days)

  1. Strategic Business planning + case-studies

  2. Digital transformation (DX) + case-studies

  3. Agile development and Mindset + case-studies

These modules will cover the critical success factors when planning a DX project. The covered strategic tools are applied in the strategic objective review in the DX module. The Agile mindset is a key enabler for DX and will be discussed together with scrum principles.

Improvement: (2 days)

  1. Innovation and Change Management + case-studies

  2. Analytics and applied AI + case-studies

The DX journey doesn't end with the project itself, and it is important to understand the method of managing change, the need to innovate and ally latest technologies to analyse and apply improvements.

Training duration and pricing

Each module is delivered in 3 phases:

  • 2 hrs webinar including Q&A

  • 4 hrs assignment group work

  • 2 hrs assignment review

Please contact us for further information about availability and pricing at : cor.beetsma@beecon.jp

Success stories:

This program is an integral part of my consulting services, where I train promising staff in management concepts and apply them in the ongoing digital transformation initiatives I am involved in. I receive so much positive feedback about my style of combining management training, business English practice while implementing Digital Transformation initiatives.

During the COVID pandemic, we provide this program to graduates to reduce the gap between studies and work, get them ready for interviews and increase their chance to get hired. One graduate expressed his appreciation that he now feels confident and able to add value from day 1 after starting work. There is also an increased interest in the companies he applied to.

Looking forward hearing from you to discuss how we can assist in improving your management training program. We are willing to discuss and customize the program based on the topics your company wishes to cover.