Contribution to local communities

Our philosophy in life has always been to give back to the society we are part of. Since we worked in many countries in Europe and Asia, we have been fortunate to interact with many cultures and religions.

We have been involved in many community activities, either self organised or through Church. We made it a point to have our children experience this and participate actively.


Asha Niketan is a home for mentally disabled. It provides a safe haven for the seniors who have nowhere else to go. Once we were introduced, we were happy to spend time with the kindred souls, provide yoga lessons and flower arrangement classes. Their laughter during the games made us realise how much they had missed it.

Bornfree is a safe haven for street children, and provides shelter and a new future through art education.

We were introduced to John Devaraj through our pottery teacher. We were happy to support him in building the World's Tallest Earthen Pot by hand in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

This grand tower brings attention to the plight of the children on the streets.

Thousands of Engineers find work in Bangalore, and many feel compelled to start small volunteering activities in their neighbourhoods. When they are posted overseas this good work is often interrupted, which makes their well intended effort less reliable.

When talking to them, we learned that continuity of volunteering activities is critical for the trust relationship. We found purpose in coordinating the efforts and find willing helping hands to provide this continuity.

These amazing souls quietly undertake many projects for local small orphanages like distributing books, clothes and redundant office equipment, including computers.


Kampung Senang Activity Centre is a Day Care Centre for the Elderly. It is a warm, friendly, and relaxing place.

When asked to provide yoga classes, we gladly joined. We met many elderly cancer survivors and found meaning in quietly spending time with them and joining in their activities.


Third-place is set up together with Musashino City hall, to provide a place for locals to meet-up outside home and work. This is based on a French movement for neighbours to meet each other.

Organising and joining these events including inviting volunteers to present their hobbies or other interesting topics helps build stronger communities in the heart of busy Tokyo.

'Read by Anna' is organised to provide an opportunity for Japanese children to listen to stories in English.

This encourages these children to read English and Japanese books by themselves at small neighbourhood bookstores.

Around Christmas we organise musical play-along events, providing a melodica, to the elderly in their homes. Of course Santa will make a surprise appearance.

Santa visits neighbourhood events and surprises the wide eyed children, handing out presents provided by their parents. Such a delight!