Sharing experiences

One of the key reasons I set up my own company is my struggle to recover from Mucosal Melanoma, a rare form of cancer.

During the early stages of treatment I relied heavily on my family, friends and on the on-line community of patients and caregivers.

We made some drastic decisions (like moving to Japan) to get the best possible treatment and I have adopted a new lifestyle during and after treatment.

I wrote it all down in a blog and a book, to share what I learned, in the hope that it may help other patients to deal with this dreaded disease.

I have come to realize that the 4 phases I observed while being treated can be applied to any situation at work and in community work as well. like a change in mindset, adopting a new life/work style, and learning new skills.

You can order it on (or your local domain) by clicking on the image. When using amazonsmile to order this book, please select the Melanoma Research Foundation and 0.5% of the proceeds will be donated.