Digital Transformation services

Are you struggling where to start with digitalization? Do you have difficulties identifying who can lead this initiative in your company? Are you considering to do it by yourself?

If so, let's have a conversation on how to approach this transformation, the available options, where to start, what the risks are and what the end result looks like.

Digital Transformation is all about adopting an agile strategy, combined with a deployment plan unique to you. This plan will be implemented by a team of passionate early adopters, resulting in a digital competitive edge.

The phased deployment approach

  1. Breaking the news: Communicating the vision and change required in mindset, skills, workstyle, and work processes.

  2. Learn by doing: The digital champions in each function are authorized to lead the digital change using Proof of Value trials.

  3. Making it permanent: Staying agile while implementing the planned changes, overcoming the resistance to change of the majority of employees.

  4. Adopting the new digital normal: Share early successes while deploying tools and processes in all functions in the company.

Suitable improvements will be considered based on best-in-class industry practices, with a focus to achieve short and mid term productivity gains. Areas of focus are Digitisation, Digitalisation, Information Security, e-Learning and System Integration.

Our focus is your value.

Applied Methodologies

Digital Transformation, based on best practices and our own methodology

Capability Maturity Model, based on System Integration project execution

Agile/flexible project execution and software development

Knowledge Management practices

Increased competitive edge : Innovation using tacit expert knowledge

Delivering higher value : Propagate innovative ways of working quickly

Knowledge audits : Knowledge Lifecycle, tools and Taxonomies

Team Coaching

Solution Deployment : one-on-one coaching using actual scenarios

Role play : Deepen your team's insights how to deploy and measure

Change management : Implement change using Master classes

System integration

Applications to store, clean, communicate and re-use information

E-Learning infrastructure, contents and lifecycle support

Project management to deploy proposed improvements